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Tesla Powerwall Battery – A Bright Solar Product Overview

What is the Tesla Powerwall?


The Tesla powerwall is a battery that serves to be backup energy storage for electricity in your home. The battery can detect when there is a power outage to make sure your home continues to have seamless electricity. The Tesla app allows you to monitor and optimize your powerwall to the way you want it. In addition, the powerwall is designed and built to be compact and capable to withstand severe weather. 

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How does the powerwall work?

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Depending on the solar system, the Tesla Powerwall can generate electricity through solar panels or the electricity grid, itself. Once the powerwall has electricity, then you are able to use the capacity of 13.5 kWh. This is enough to keep most of your home appliances running, like refrigerators. Plus with the Tesla app, you can manage how much energy you use, so you could optimize your electricity to last longer.

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Are there any incentives for solar batteries?

While the powerwall is a bit expensive than other brands, it is the most advanced and technological solar battery on the market. Within the United States, the Tesla Powerwall is qualified for battery storage incentives. On top of that, the federal solar tax credit also contributes to reducing the cost of the powerwall, if solar panels are also being purchased.

What are the warranties? 

Following industry standards, the Tesla powerwall has a 10-year warranty for the product and performance with the addition of warranties on parts shipping and labor for reports and replacements. Although, there are no warranties for cycles or throughput clauses at this time. This isn’t exactly a bad thing, since there isn’t a limited tied to the cycles and the lack of throughput warranties allows the powerwall to be marketed to commercial solar.

Where can I get a Tesla Powerwall?

Here at Sunny Day Solar, we offer the Tesla powerwall for commercial and residential solar panels. If you are interested in obtaining a powerwall or solar panel installation, please contact us through our quote form. 

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