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Solar in Florida: A Bright 2021 Solar Overview

The amount of solar in Florida is increasing by the year and solar companies in Florida are working together to set national records. 2021 is most definitely eventful for the solar industry as there were many projects and plans that were announced this year to help benefit solar in Florida. With 2022 around the corner, we look back on the events that happened in the previous year.

Florida Light & Power’s 30-by-30 Plan to provide Solar in Florida

Starting off, we discuss Florida Light & Power, their 30-by-30 plan has reached 40% completion since June. The 30-by-30 plan was proposed back in 2019 to install 30 million solar panels by 2030. Therefore, we are looking at 12 million solar panels or more currently installed, and generating around 4,500 megawatts. Once completed, Florida will be a world leader in the production of solar energy, according to FPL. Essentially, FPL’s 30-by-30 plan could possibly generate power for most of Florida.

FPL Discovery Solar Energy Center
Source: Florida Light & Power

Duke Energy Florida’s Solar Site Project to provide more solar energy

Then over by Duke Energy Florida’s 4 solar sites project, which was announced July 21st. Duke Energy has planned to start construction in 2022 with the expectation to end in 2024. The new solar sites are said to produce about 750 megawatts combined, which is enough to power an entire city with solar in Florida. Coupled with Duke Energy Florida’s current solar site construction, it seems Duke Energy plans to contribute even more renewable energy towards solar in Florida.

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Source: Duke Energy Florida

High Electricity Rates for Better Energy

Last but not least, the biggest announcement of this year is Florida Light & Power’s 4-year agreement plan to increase electricity costs. In addition, the 4-year agreement will help support the budget for the 30-by-30 plan. Overall, the increase in electricity cost will motivate homeowners to look into solar energy, while supporting solar projects for more solar in Florida.


In conclusion, 2021 is the year that many electricity companies in Florida put a heavy focus on solar energy for the next upcoming years. With multiple projects in progress to install more solar panels to push Florida to rely more on solar energy. Even Solar Experts can see that Florida will soon be the leading provider of solar energy.

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