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Save on Electricity during this Holiday Season with Solar

With the Holidays in full swing, we often get swept along by the chaos of the Holidays that can go overboard at times. Between putting up all the Christmas lights to preparing Holiday dinner, there’s just so much to do in such little time. There’s so much that goes on, that we often forget things during the Holidays, like forgetting to turn the Christmas tree light off. While in hindsight, forgetting to turn off the lights isn’t going to dramatically change your electricity bill, it’s the small steps that count. During the Holiday season, it’s expected for the electricity bill to be higher than usual, although preparing ahead of time can help you save on electricity.

The Types of Christmas Lights

There are many types of Christmas decorations and some may put up more decorations than others, which would affect how much electricity they are using. While there are many types of Christmas decorations, the most commonly used Christmas decoration is Christmas lights. There are multiple types of Christmas lights when it comes to shape, size, and color, but there are two types of bulbs, incandescent and LED. Here is the list of benefits between the two types of lights.

cls blog led or incandescent
Source: Christmas Light Source

Benefits of LED: 

  • More commonly used
  • Requires about 75% less energy, compared to incandescent
  • Lasts longer
  • More environment friendly

Benefits of Incandescent:

  • Cheaper
  • More color variety compared to LED

In conclusion, you may pay more for LED lights, but it is worth using LED lights over incandescent lights since LED lights can last longer and require a lot less electricity to help you save money on electricity.

Here is a rough estimate on how much wattage you could be using with your Christmas lights by IGS Energy:

igs energy
Source: IGS Energy

3 ways to save on electricity

While it would be difficult to give an exact cost, since the number of lights and time should be taken into account, don’t let that scare you from the Holiday spirit. Here are some ways that can help you save on electricity.

  1. Timers
  • With the help of timers, like outlet timers, you can set a particular time to turn your lights on and off. Even if you forget about them, the timer will automate it for you. There are a couple types like manual and smart timers to choose from.
  1. Solar Powered Christmas Lights
  • Rather than using electricity, you can use the sun to provide energy to power your Christmas Lights. Many solar powered Christmas lights sold on Amazon can work up to 8 hours, and many are using LED lights. 
  1. Solar Panels
  • For the ultimate savings on electricity, solar panels are the way to go! Solar panels are the most effective way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money all year round. The solar panels will generate electricity, so you can use that to power your Christmas lights, Christmas tree, and all your other electronics. 


All things considered, LED lights are the norm for Christmas lights around the world, due to LED’s multiple advantages over the traditional incandescent lights. So taking the extra step to save more money would be beneficial as there are other appliances that would require more electricity attention, like cooking appliances. Hence, there are multiple ways to save more electricity, but the ultimate way to save on electricity, in general, is through solar energy.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and we hope you have a nice Holiday. We at Sunny Day Solar are based in Pensacola, Florida, but we offer our services throughout the United States. Contact us, if you are interested in solar panel installations or want to save on electricity all year round with the help of solar panels.


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