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How do solar panels work & Will solar panels work during a power outage?

how do solar panels work?

How do solar panels work? To boil down the main science behind solar panels is photovoltaics, which is the conversion of sunlight into electricity. Within solar panels are solar photovoltaic cells that are combined to give you a solar panel. These cells consist of a metal frame, a glass casing, and semiconductive materials, like silicon, … Read more

Why should I go Solar? And 7 Beneficial Reasons to Switch to Solar

Why should I go Solar

A frequently asked question regarding solar is, “Why should I go Solar?” and for good reasons. In this article, we will dive into 7 reasons that will help you better understand why solar energy is becoming an increasingly popular option for energy. 1. Electricity bills are only going to increase from this point on With … Read more

Time to switch to Home Solar Panels – Florida Electricity Rates expected to rise for the next 4 years

rise in electricity rates to switch to home solar panels

Now is the best time to invest in home solar panels because your electricity bill is about to increase, and you still have the opportunity to use the federal tax credit for solar. On October 26, Florida Power & Light or FPL announced that the Florida Public Service Commission has approved of FPL’s four-year rate … Read more

Helpful Guide to Residential Solar Panel Installation – 2021 Edition

guide to solar panel installation

Considerations for Solar Panel Installations The first and foremost step when considering solar panel installation is if the solar panel will be beneficial for you. Consider your location, if there is enough sunlight to generate solar energy. How much energy that you normally use and if solar energy will be able to provide enough power? … Read more

Solar Energy News: An Electric Grid built with astonishingly 100% Decarbonization by 2050

electric grid soon to be solar energy

On September 8th, the Department of Energy released a report called “Solar Futures Study” that details the push for solar energy in the form of a zero-carbon electric grid. As a result, it is expected that solar energy will make up 40% of electricity generation in the United States. In this article, we will go … Read more

Space Solar Energy – The Bright Future for Solar in the 21st Century

Stock Satellite for Space Solar Energy

What is Space Solar Energy? Whenever you mention the discussion of using solar energy in space, you often refer to space-based solar power, which is a method that would collect solar energy in space and then transmit the energy to Earth through waves. How it would work from a scientific standpoint is that solar panels … Read more

Solar Achievement: Florida Solar to be #1 in the Southeast

Tropical for Florida Solar

The Current Rivalry between Florida Solar and North Carolina Solar Within the United States, specifically in the Southeast states, there is a solar energy rivalry between North Carolina and Florida. For the longest time, North Carolina held the top spot for solar energy within the Southeast, and the state is ranked 3rd place nationally. Florida … Read more

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