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Sunny Day Solar is a part of a comprehensive solar renewable energy solutions provider. We are completely owned and operated out of Florida now with our National Headquarters based out of Pensacola with Miami as a substation in the south! We provide solutions for homes, business, recreational vehicles and boats as well as large scale solar farms and grant services for farmers and rural businesses. No matter your needs one of our companies covers you via Sunny Day Solar, Sunny Day Recreational Solar, or Sunny Day Solar Farms.

Sunny Day Solar Farms, LLC is a proud and active member of the community involved in networking and charitable groups as well as Military business dealings and discounts! We strive to maintain the highest quality of standards and best practices. We have no complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau as we work very hard with our customers to resolve any issues before they become problematic. Keeping our customers happy is a priority to us not only because we depend on them spreading our good name but also because we are all neighbors in the community together.

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Marc Hagar of Sunny Day Solar

Marc H.

Founder and CEO

Our Founder and CEO, Marc Hager, is a 25 year seasoned professional as a former union trained electrician, contractor, and solar consultant. He came to the area thanks to Honeywell over ten years ago and has extensive native Florida family ties. He began his career in the industry in 1995 as an electrical contractor in Colorado until 2008. From the late 1990's and early 2000's he has engineered, sold, and installed numerous early off-grid solar systems in Colorado. Ever since he has been involved in countless small residential to massive scale multi acre solar farm projects across the US. From the early days of Solar's beginnings he never imagined that solar would be as affordable and efficient as it has progressed to date! Solar is now growing exponentially as a result. His excitement and enthusiasm is evident in his work and spills over into the culture of this organization!

As Always - "Let the sun save the day!" and "Have a sunny day!!"
Sunny Day Solar Farms, LLC (Sunny Day Solar, Sunny Day Recreational Solar, and Sunny Day Solar Farms)
"After over 25 years in the business I still love what I do! Now more than ever I get to not only share the advantages solar provides but it helps individuals and the community in a multitude of ways! Since childhood as an Eagle Scout I discovered the value of serving my community! On a daily basis we get to help individuals save money, keep a set budget and take control by owning their power production instead of renting it. We too help businesses to become more profitable by reducing overhead. Solar is as American as apple pie and I am proud to have founded Sunny Day Solar Farms, LLC!! I started this company to help people and offer a service that I truly enjoy providing every day!" ~ Marc H.

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