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Solar Panels – 10 Amazing Historical Facts

Solar Potential

Solar has so much potential and is growing in use and efficiency every day. From a simple calculator to the world’s newest transportation options you can find a solar panel being used just about everywhere.

We all hear about global warming. And how if we don’t reverse the course we aren’t going to be leaving a very hospitable world for our future generations. But most people sit back and say, well what can I as an individual really do about it?

The Current Electrical Climate

Currently, Coal still dominates the world as the top electricity producer, followed by Gas, and Nuclear. Renewable energy comes in 4th place with Hydropower, Wind, and then Finally Solar. Solar Panels produce a dismal 2.7% of the world’s electricity. Compared to coal’s 36.7%. It is rather shocking to hear this with everything we know now. I often ask myself why solar panels aren’t on every house already. But the sad thing is solar panel technology has only recently become efficient enough to really be a game-changer.

In the last few years, solar panel installation has increased drastically, but we still have a long way to go. The good news is you can help. Between government tax breaks, financing options, and the reduced or even eliminated power bills. You could have your very own renewable energy solution by installing solar panels on your property and have little to no additional money out of pocket. All while reducing your own carbon footprint. Helping the planet, and helping our future.

Solar Panels and Solar Installation has come a long way, it seems like it was only a few years ago that we started to hear about this amazing technology that allows us to harness the power of the sun to power our lives. But it may shock you to know that Solar Technology actually goes back over 180 years! And that we are just now starting to scratch the surface of solar panel potential. 

10 Historical Facts about Solar Panels.

  1. The foundation of Solar Panels dates back to 1839, when a French Physicist Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered a process that produces electric current from the sun, the photovoltaic effect.
  2. Since the discovery of the photovoltaic effect, there was multiple attempts to produce solar-power systems as early as 1888.
  3. In 1883, an American inventor, Charles Fritts, created the first solar cell, which is the basis of a solar panel.
  4. The first solar cell had an energy conversion rate of 1-2%, in contrast to 15-20% of current solar cells.
  5. In 1891, another American inventor, Clarence Kemp, patented a commercial solar water heater.
  6. In 1905, Albert Einstein released more information about the photovoltaic effect through four major theoretical papers.
  7. The first silicon photovoltaic cell was developed in 1954 by Bell Laboratories.
  8. The first silicon photovoltaic cell had a 4-6% efficiency, and it’s the basis of the solar panels, we use today.
  9. Solar panels was heavily utilized on satellites, during the Space Race by both U.S. and Soviet Union.
  10. In 1979, President Jimmy Carter installed solar panels on the White House to use that energy to heat water.

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